In The Heights


Our spectacular student crew and support! 

Matthew Wertz

Matthew is a  graduating senior at CSUCI and  proud to be a part of this production. This is his fourth production at CI and I have been involved in Arts Under the Stars, Acts and Actos, and The Importance of Being Earnest.

Javier Magallanes

Alex Manriquez
Music Support

Joanna McClelland
Costume Assistant

JoAnna is currently a senior at CI majoring in Performing Arts. She has an extensive background in Theatre Arts and intends to work as a Director and Costumer after graduating.

Joshua Stapel
Costume Assistant

Joshua Stapel (Asst. Costume Designer, Costume Shop Manager) is delighted to work on costumes and makeup for In the Heights, having previously designed for The Importance of Being Earnest and Acts and Actos.

Lexi Gibson

My name is Lexi Gibson. I am a college student that lives in Ventura and I go to school at Channel Islands University in Camarillo. I really like to take photos, film, and only for my family and friends I like to sing, act, and dance. I really get nervous in front of new people so I hide my feelings and true talents so I don’t get hurt.

Derek Spence
Graphic Design